Do you support the death penalty


71% (11,643,512 votes) of people said they support the death penalty and 29% (4,660,155 votes) said they don’t support the death penalty. Out of all the people that said yes, 11% said they support the death penalty for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence. For those who said no to the death penalty, also said no because too many innocent people get convicted. They also said no because they believe spending life in prison is a much more harsher sentence. Some people believe the convict or the convicts family should decide if they want the death penalty or to serve life in prison. Others believe an eye for an eye, if you take another persons life you should have to serve the death penalty. Another issue that is brought up is that death row convicts should give up all their rights and we should use their body parts to save lives of law abiding citizens. Some argue that the prison system should be reformed from punishment oriented to rehabilitation oriented.  Its hard, but terrorists, child molesters, people who commit crimes against humanity can suffer the death penalty. The death penalty can take these dangerous people out of the world, if they are not willing to change or if they are very dangerous. If we kill bad people in war, its hypocritical to say its wrong to kill bad people outside of war. Obviously you have to follow the laws and procedures.